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PhD curriculum have been revised in 2017 and effective for the students who enroll for academic year 2018 onward. Currently, Thammasat Business School(TBS) has only one Ph.D. program, i.e. the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration(Ph.D.).

Former Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctoral Program in Business(DPB) had been merged into the Ph.D. Program in 2013. This is a continuation of the former quality programs of the JDBA (The Joint Doctoral Program in Business Administration), established in 1992 and Doctor of Philosophy Program in Marketing(DPM), established in 1998.

To qualify for the degree, students must satisfy the following requirements:

1.Pass the Qualifying Examination.
2.Present a paper in an international conference with a proceedings.
3.Pass the dissertation defense.
4.Part of the Dissertation must be accepted for publication in an international journal.
5.Other requirements as specified in the curriculum.


Ph.D. Program is a four year full-time study beyond the master’s degree. Since the program focuses on developing competent scholars, an emphasis is placed upon the development of both teaching and research skills.

In addition, all doctoral students are required to demonstrate competence in scholarly research. Students are expected to work closely with faculty members whose interests are similar to their own. Therefore, applicants are advised to decide on the specific area of research interests in their applications.


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